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What drives us:

We Are commited to delivering database software that is easy to use, for everyone in a company whether they are across the office or across the globe. With over 20 years experience to draw from we were able to create My DataBase OnLine.

We believe that software should handle the challenges you face today without creating new ones tomorrow. We set out to do it right. My DataBase OnLine's easy to use, powerful and robust features set make it possible for you to easily manage all of your business information in one place.

We understand customer loyalty is the cornerstone of our success. Loyalty built by providing the best software and support available today. Our highly trained staff is here to answer all your questions.

Why use the internet as a platform? Cost Effectiveness, Security and Freedom.

  1. The costs associated with hiring someone to build an application, buy hardware and keep it all running are simply outside the budget of most small to mid-sized companies. Even if you did spend all that time and money you still could only access that information from that one location and what about back-up? With My Database Online your information is wherever you need it to be and always backed up.

  2. The information is actually more secure then it would be if stored on-site. Our facilities are secured and manned 24/ 7. We protect you information from fire, floods and theft .

  3. My Database Online's automatic data back-up insures you that your information can not be lost. Your information is backed-up every 6 hours, in mulitple secure facilities.

  4. Your data connection is encrypted and your information is password protected.

  5. The way you access data is no longer tied to your desktop computer. With an internet connection you can access your information from anywhere at anytime.

  6. You never need to install or upgrade software.