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  • Work from anywhere: Access your account from anywhere in the world. My DataBase Online makes building a global team simple.
  • Search with power : Find the information you're looking for in seconds. Records are returned based on how well they match the field/s you choose.
  • Manage all types of information : Customer, Candidates, Contacts, Manage Placements, Opportunities, Orders , Projects, and more.
  • Import data from excel: Import the data locked in your speadsheets with one click and automatically build your database.
  • 100% Customizable : Even if you dont know anything about computers you can fully customize your database. A few mouse clicks and you have the system you want and need.
  • Reminder emails : Send yourself reminder emails so you never miss an important appointment again.
  • Central file storage : Store and access to the files you need from anywhere. Everyone on your team is looking at the same version.
  • Availibliity : Find placement candidates based on hourly availibliity.
  • Zip Code Searches : Filter your search results base distance to a client or location.
  • Custom Views and Reporting : Make Custom reports that gives you a deeper understanding of your information and your bussiness.
  • Web Site Sync : Use this feature to :
    • Include forms in your web site.
    • Create and update Job Boards in seconds.
    • Manage your Website Content.
  • Send Forms : Send forms to anyone via e-mail. They fill out the form and the information is in your database.
  • Easy Export : Export your information to your favorite spreadsheet application with a single mouse click.
  • Create an unlimted number of Databases : Unlike our competitors we don't charge you for creating multiple databases. Create as many databses as you need all for one price.
  • User Access Control : Control user access levels. You decide what every users can see and do.
  • Create mailing lists : Create targeted mailing lists using your stored information based on any criteria you can imagine.
  • Mobile : Fully compatible with iphone, ipad, itouch, Android ,blackberry and windows mobile devices.
  • Free training : Free training videos on everything you need to know.
  • No software : No software to install or manage!
  • Works with Live Person : Create customer records using Live Person chats.

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